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  • Andy Nguyen

"Swap Kerja" has been shot in Cai Rang Floating Market, Can Tho, Vietnam

Xtreme Media, an award-winning production company in Singapore, who has produced many TV documentary series for international and Singaporean TV networks and broadcasters like National Geographic Channel, HGTV, FYI, and Media Corp Group Of Channels, has been commissioned by Media Corp Suria Channel to produce an 8-episode Malay TV series entitled "Swap Kerja".

Fixer in Vietnam organised 7-day shoot for Xtreme Media to film the program "Swap Kerja" in Cai Rang floating market.
Host Mahamed Taufig and Profile Suriyati started their first business day in Cai Rang floating market

Swap Kerja" is a one-hour TV series about a job swap between a Singaporean and the Asian counterpart. To be filmed across 8 different countries in the Asia Pacific.

The series aims to give Singaporeans an in-depth insight into the same jobs that their counterparts do in a foreign country. As Singaporeans swap the jobs, they learn about their counterparts' work and living conditions, and the issues that affect them on a daily basis.

The series aims to foster the stronger international bond between Asian countries, promotes the values of hard work and community spirit, as well as celebrate the everyday heroes from home and abroad - from the floating market trader, laundryman, lifeguard and etc.

Xtreme Media has come to Vietnam to produce one episode in the series which shows the daily business of a Cai Rang floating market trader.

Vietnam fixer team with film crew from Xtreme Media, at Cai Rang floating market
The host of the show Mohamed Taufig and Profile Suriyati had an interesting experience of trading in Cai Rang floating market
Fixer in Vietnam and Xtreme Media film crew had a tough shoot in Cai Rang floating market. They enjoyed relaxation at the end of the day.
Happy moment of the production team from Xtreme Media, Director Syuhrah, Producer Joyce Lee, DoP Bezner, Profile Suriyati and steering man Rot

Profile Suriyati sells street food in Singapore. She was assigned a duty to come to Vietnam to be a trader on Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho city which is located in the South of Vietnam. She exchanged the job with Mrs.Thuy and her husband who are selling fried and grilled chicken and fish rice on the floating market. The challenge is really tough for Suriyati. Suriyati will sell food on the unstable and bumping boat.

Suriyati starts the day at 3 am to chop the vegetable, chilli into pieces, prepare dry ingredients, cook steamed rice as well as to make a different kind of sauces and especially grill and fry chicken. She sells food on the floating market from 6.30 am to 10.30 am and then comes back home to prepare for the next's business.

She has to go to the local wet market to buy fresh chicken, vegetables, rice, fish sauce, the afternoon and then process them.

There is only one luck for Suriyati is that almost all customers on Cai Rang floating market are familiar with Mrs.Thuy's business so they are willing to buy regardless of who is selling on the boat with Mrs Thuy today.

Vietnam fixer team provided fixer services for Xtreme Media to film the program "Swap Kerja" in Cai Rang floating market.
Taufig and Suriyati sold grilled chicken rice to Mrs Thuy's familiar customers on floating market.

I provided the Vietnam fixer service to Xtreme Media to produce this TV show. I came to Cai Rang Floating Market two times to scout the location such as checking the docks, cooking boats, crew boat, daily trading route especially of local traders, finding and persuading Mrs.Thuy and her husband to be on the TV program. They are too busy to think about anything except for their daily survival. I am happy when the production was a good shoot and the good filming was arranged carefully by fixer in Vietnam.



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