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Local ethnic minority in Ha Giang province, Vietnam

Client Review

Fixer in Vietnam is a pleasure to work with but don’t take our words for it. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that previous clients have had with our Vietnam fixer services, we suggest you have a look at our client reviews. Our repeat clients understand the benefit of working with us and we’re sure you will too after reading through these reviews. We are confident that Fixer in Vietnam can attend to your last-minute and crazy requests.

Director Cassie Farrel

Cassie Farrel

Producer, Boundless Productions

I am a Producer/Director for UK Television. Last year Andy guided us through a train journey from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi for BBC 2 (we were doing two hour-long films for the series with Michael Portillo about Asian Railways). It is a travel/history series and Andy found us locations and contributors, all of whom were excellent. From the very beginning of our contact with him, Andy was polite, intelligent, and extremely willing to help. On location we soon got to know Andy and found him absolutely wonderful - extremely charming and great fun to be with. I cannot recommend Andy highly enough ... if you decide to work in Vietnam I can't imagine you will find a better fixer.

Producer Ho Yen Yee

Andy Nguyen was my team’s Vietnam fixer for an Asian Food Channel show, ‘Must Try Asia - Season 2’ (Hanoi episode). He did a fantastic job from pre-production to shoot and even post-production, making the shoot a very smooth one for us. He was very efficient in replying to emails, helping us secure permission to film in various locations, sending detailed location recce reports, giving us useful feedback and suggestions about content, as well as taking good care of shoot logistics and our crew welfare. He was proactive on set and was flexible enough to accede to any last-minute requests we have or adapt to changes on the ground. A responsible, trustworthy, capable, and good-tempered fixer that I will highly recommend for anyone looking for a fixer in Vietnam!

Sound recordist, Mark Robert

Mark Robert

Hongkong-based sound recordist

Even before meeting Andy I had heard of his great reputation from my colleagues at NBC News. When we finally worked together in April 2019 on the documentary 'Switch On', I could see why he is considered one of the best fixers in Vietnam. Our shoot was complex and involved filming in several challenging locations including a shipyard and coal mine. Andy planned everything meticulously and always in a cheerful manner. Fixers are often the unsung heroes of a film crew, seldom heard but always anticipating the next production request. On several occasions, Andy used his charm and negotiation skills to secure our access to off-the-beaten-path locations. As a fellow fixer, I know just how hard Andy must have worked behind the scenes to ensure we achieved all of our production goals. Andy has the perfect balance of friendliness, professionalism, and patience. I look forward to many more adventures together in Vietnam. 

Ho Yen Yee

Producer, Freeflow Productions

Director Denis Delestrac

Andy was great to work with. He helped me, as director, prepare an excellent branded content shoot in Vietnam. It was a very dense and diverse shoot, and his suggestions and back-ups were always on point. He is friendly and very quick to answer, I would definitely recommend him to anyone preparing to shoot in Vietnam!

Denis Delestrac

Owner/Director, Intrepido Films

Producer Nivitra Devi

Andy was very helpful and an excellent fixer for me during my filming trips to Vietnam. He managed to secure all the necessary profiles and provided relevant research prior to my shoot. He even managed to secure permission to film at certain locations on the spot. Would definitely engage him again for my future Vietnam shoots.

Producer, Kenneth Nabors

Kenneth Nabors

Producer, Beach House Pictures

Andy Nguyen and his team were great and extremely reliable. We worked on a sizable show for History Channel Asia called Photo Face-Off. We had a big production and his team worked tirelessly on attending to our last-minute and crazy request. I definitely recommend Andy Nguyen as a fixer in Vietnam

Nivitra Devi

Producer, Channel NewsAsia

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