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  • Andy Nguyen

Music video production with Agile Films

The amazing rice terraces in Sapa and beautiful Thac Ba man-made freshwater lake located in Northwest, Vietnam can be found impressively in music video Naughty Boy - One Chance to Dance ft. Joe Jonas produced by Agile Films (UK) and arranged locally by a team of Fixer in Vietnam

Thac Ba lake, one of the biggest man-made freshwater lakes in Vietnam. It was made for Thac Ba hydroelectric plant

Vietnam fixer arranged the shoot for Agile Films (UK) at Thac Ba lake
Fixer in Vietnam team and Agile Films crew in Thac Ba lake

A fast-paced and creative production crew from UK and America has come to Vietnam in September 2017 to source locations for music video production of Naughty Boy and Joe Jonas. They were all happy with the mix of breathtaking nature in Sapa and Thac Ba and unique urban landscape of Hanoi especially bars in the Old Quarter area.

Agile Films film crew and Fixer in Vietnam team at Thac Ba lake to shoot a music video
Agile Films crew and Sabo (front) - 1st AD from Fixer in Vietnam in Thac Ba lake

Finally, The video was shot in a special bar in the Old Quarter area of Hanoi, railway train track which goes through streets of Hanoi and in Thac Ba lake which is one of the biggest man-made freshwater lakes in Vietnam and Sapa where we can find fantastic rice terraces in Northwest Vietnam mountainous area.

Ha My is one of two talented actresses of the video. She stole the show with Thien Trang, the other actress

In Sapa, the crew has experienced interesting shooting days in rice terraces. Although on the day we came, all rice was cut already we still smelled ripen rice. We also learnt how to tame and train water buffaloes. Do you recognize that we had to find local girls to play the scene of sitting on the back of a water buffalo on the rice terraces?

Vietnam fixer arranged the shoot in Sapa for Agile Films (UK)
Filming a sequence of the music video on the rice terraces in Sapa...

On the train back to Hanoi from Sapa, the crew has shot an important and meaningful part of the video. Two girls left their houses together to pursue their music love and destinies.

Fixer in Vietnam assisted Agile Films to produce the music video at a railway station.
Filming on the train back to Hanoi...

The music video was officially out in October 2017 and was highly appreciated. Although it has not helped attract a lot more foreign tourists coming to Vietnam to discover the locations seen in the video, it has helped bring some of Vietnam beautiful images and touristy attractions to the world. Many Vietnamese viewers felt proud of the beauty of their own country. Vietnam fixer team also felt happy to organize another smooth filming in Vietnam.

Watch One Chance to Dance music video



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