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  • Andy Nguyen

Interesting reality show produced by Nexiko AB in Vietnam

It Is Small World Or Big World After All...

I think you have heard about the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation". The general idea is that all the people in the world are separated from each other by six links on average. It means they can be linked to each other by six connects.

But there is a question raised about this theory - is it funny or is this a fact of life in terms of science.

In many countries, some experiments have been conducted. Thousands of people who participated in this test voluntarily were assigned the mission to connect with a "random target" they do not know by emails. Of course, they were not allowed to send emails directly to the "target people". They had to find the "target people" by sending emails to their friends and asked for help. They must create a "human chain" which connects them to the final target.

Vietnam fixer with film crew from Nexiko AB at the West Lake in Hanoi
Nexiko AB filmed a sequence of "Six Degrees of Separation" at West Lake in Hanoi

Hundreds of people reached the "target people" successfully. Of the hundreds of chains which were completed, the average numbers of links were six. So we can say the world is small after all! But many people said that if people of the same race, class, interest...who share with each other something can be connected to each other easily.

To prove this theory, Nexiko AB has come to Vietnam to produce the reality show called "Six Degrees of Separation". I was proud of providing them with the Vietnam fixer service which included Vietnam film permit arrangement, transportation arrangement (helicopter, car), finding contact and content suggestion. Two hosts have started their journey at Hang En cave in Quang Binh province in Vietnam and they chose a porter in the forest as their first connect. Their final target is famous male actor Charly Sheen who lives in the United States.

Fixer in Vietnam assisted Nexiko AB film crew to film at a studio in Hanoi
Nexiko AB film crew filmed a sequence of "Six Degrees of Separation" at a studio in Hanoi

Apparently, there is no relation between a porter who is working in a mountainous area in the central part of Vietnam and a famous actor who stays in Los Angeles.

This is an interesting and challenging journey for the production team of Nexiko AB... I could reveal that they have travelled from Sweden to Vietnam (HCM City, Quang Binh, Hanoi) and then Frankfurt, Prague, London and Singapore in just 5 days...

That was one of the most challenging jobs I've worked as a local fixer in Vietnam to assist foreign production companies.

Let's watch how they demonstrate this test on Discovery Sweden channel in November 2016?



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