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Fixer in Vietnam provided production support services incl. film permits, locations, equipment, and logistics for Arcos Films to shoot the footage in Vietnam.

Developing on Coal - Switch On: The Series

Developing on Coal - Switch On: The Series

Nearly every country developed on coal, and the developing world is following suit because coal is cheap, local and easy to use. Affordable coal electricity is helping lift these countries out of poverty, but at local and global environmental costs. Dr. Scott Tinker travels to Vietnam to see the benefits and challenges of developing on coal. ▷ Download the free Student Watch Guide for this episode from Switch Energy Alliance: Switch On: The Series - Developing on Coal (2020) MORE FROM SWITCH ENERGY ALLIANCE ▷ SWITCH ON: The Complete Film: ▷ SWITCH Documentary Playlist ▷ SWITCH Energy Lab Playlist ▷ Join SWITCH Classroom: FOLLOW US ▷ FACEBOOK: ▷ TWITTER: ▷ LINKEDIN: ▷ INSTAGRAM: ▷ WEBSITE: About Switch Energy Alliance: Switch Energy Alliance is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to inspiring an energy-educated future that is objective, nonpartisan, and sensible. With over 300 energy education videos and resources, Switch Energy Alliance engages students and general viewers in a positive conversation to work collaboratively on energy challenges. Learn more: ----Chapter Contents of Video---- 0:00 - Intro  1:33 - Manufacturing Economy 4:01 - Relying on Diesel Fuel 6:16 - Growing Energy Demands 8:23 - Foundational Mining Towns 9:30 - Inside the Coal Mine 12:47 - Coal Distribution 14:12 - Analyzing Energy Development 15:20 - Environmental Impacts 19:38 - Economy Impacts
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