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Bollywood movies shot in Vietnam for the first time...

January 27, 2017

Andy Nguyen - One of experienced and truthful local fixer in Vietnam -

Indian traditional movies song “Love in nature” is about a romantic love story between two persons Kavya and Vassi who come from different world of life with different point of views...They did not speak the same languages but they still understand each other when they look at each other's eyes...And together, they celebrated their love in nature...


A beautiful, rich, carefree and modern Kavya who happens to meet a tribal man Vassi in an unexpected incident. Accidentally, they travel separately to Vietnam and reach a beautiful waterfall in a mountainous area. Kavya who has been an indoor girl has never seen the real beauty of nature. She is awe of the beautiful waterfall and can not take her eyes off it. Vassi being tribal has always lived in harmony with nature…

 Kavya and Vassi sit on the limestone which straddles the border between Vietnam and China

 Main part/waterfall in Ban Gioc waterfall in Trung Khanh, Cao Bang province, Vietnam, around 300km north of Hanoi.  

 Ban Gioc waterfall is collective name for two parts/waterfalls on Quây Sơn river which straddle the border between Vietnam and China. This is the subordinate waterfall


It was great honor for Vietnam fixer  to be part of the filming crew to shoot this Indian traditional Bollywood movies song. The crew consisted of over 60 people from actor, actress, director, production manager, camera operator, art director to make - up artist, personal assistant, cook and driver...It was a little bit complicated and messy to prepare for and organize a shoot which took place in border and mountainous area - 300 km away from Hanoi. Right after arriving in Noi Bai airport (Hanoi), the crew took 9 - hour hard trip by bus to Ban Gioc waterfall area. Everybody was exhausted but the striking beauty of Ban Gioc waterfall waked up all people... 

 Fixer in Vietnam - Andy Nguyen and Director of Photography - Sabapathy Thirunavukkarasu



It was well organized shoot. Everything was squeezed in 4 days of shooting and 2 days of travelling. The schedule was very tight. After two days shooting in Ban Gioc waterfall, the crew took 5 - hour of travelling during the night to Ba Be lake in Bac Kan province to film the second part of the Bollywood movies song... 


In the second part...Kavya wears tribal clothes and walks out of the cave. Vassi who is making Bon fire turns around at the sound of her anklets and is in awe struck by her beauty. He walks closer to her and she shies away. He touches her face and looks at her like she belongs to the tribes. He then takes her inside the cave through secret passage to a beautiful illuminated garden which looks magical. She looks around and get excited like a child. She touches the flowers and they blossom. He then takes her to the field where they lie down and gape at the sky and count the stars. She then lies on his chest and feels his heart beat. She has never felt so secure in her life. She cries in joy and he wipes her tears and kisses her on her forehead and carries her back to the cave. He makes a beautiful bed for her made of flowers and puts her to sleep.

 Shooting inside Puong cave (Puông cave) in Ba Be lake - Ba Be National Park


 Fruit buffet for the couple inside Puong cave in Ba Be National Park - a romantic moment in their love story...

 Puong cave in Ba Be lake...Many crews have come to this amazing location to film their shows


Puong Cave - a large cave with 30m high, 300m long, is an interesting place in Ba Be National Park that you should come to shoot your documentary...

 Ba Be lake is the largest natural lake of Vietnam...Please have a look at this site to have more information about Ba Be area...




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